A contemporary self-catering holiday studio in the heart of the Peak District
Access statement
Access statement

Access statement

·         The exterior surface of the accommodation is flat from the footpath to the main side door and is lit by sensor security lights at night.

·         There is a 12cm step up into the downstairs kitchenette from the outside.

·         There is a minimum 86cms gap from the kitchen unit to the wall.

·         There is a 42cms gap between the toilet and the wall.

·         There are 11 stairs up into the living/sleeping accommodation.

·         The floor surface upstairs is smooth wood laminate.

·         The ceiling slopes on two sides of the upstairs accommodation.

·         Guests are expected to operate the folding mechanism of the sofa bed themselves.

·         Without prejudice, we consider the accommodation may be unsuitable for wheelchair users or guests with limited mobility, based on the above measurements and access via the stairs.


Health & Safety Information


·         Please be aware of the 12cm step up into the accommodation via the main side door.

·         Care should be taken when opening the side door in windy weather, as it is extremely heavy and swings out fast.

·         Guests please be aware that the ceiling slopes on two sides (back/front) upstairs.

·         We do not allow smoking anywhere on the premises and ask guests to refrain from burning candles/tealights inside.

·         It is advisable to use the small towel mat provided when exiting the shower.

·         The convector heater upstairs/electric radiator downstairs, must not be covered.

·         Please use the sanitary bags provided and dispose of them in the black dustbin near the gates.

·         Please be careful when reversing out of the drive onto the main road.


If you have any concerns regarding your health and safety during your stay, please contact us on 01298 871394.